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Adding Insult to Injury

A 14-year-old boy continues to begivena 1-year ban for lowering his shorts and creating a vulgar gesture in a female referee in Italia.

The incident happened on 22nd of May within an under-14 tournament in Mestre, Venice.

A Treporti player made the gesture after his side conceded a large part against Miranese and that he was sent off by referee Giulia Nicastro.


An ItalianMan , Football Federation (FIGC) described the conduct as “totally unacceptable” and can contest the ban. This happened during a live football stream.

The boy’s suspension through the Venetian Disciplinary Court is going to behave differently attempt a re-educational programme.

Additionally, the kid is banned from being able to access any facilities where an Italian Football Federation levels of competition are held. The video can be found on live football streaming websites.

FIGC president Gabriele Gravina has stated he’ll challengethe choice in the Federal Court of Appeal because he feels the punishment isn’t sufficiently strong.

“From my side, there has to be nor educational about this conduct: Iintervene decisively, it’s not acceptable, I can not hide my disappointment,“stated Gravina.

Nicastro, 22, comes from Venice and it has refereed greater than40matchesonly at that level, the FIGC told BBC Sport.

It’s been reported thatf ans were mistreating Nicastro through the game.

Treporti has apologised to Nicastro, sayingt hese were “deeply disappointed”.

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