Fadil Vokrri Stadium grass

UEFA Champions League preliminary round draw: Tuesday 11 June

Fourteamswillcompeteinside a one-venue preliminaryroundin Pristina using thedrawat 12CET on Tuesday.

Fadil Vokrri Stadium will stage the matches

Fadil Vokrri Stadium will stage the matches ?FFK

    The draw is going to be mad eat 12CET  11June.

    The preliminary round is really a one-venue small-tournament composed of the semi-final round on 25 June along with a final72 hours later (all one-off matches). This season’s matches are going to be located by Kosovo at Pristina’s Fadil Vokrri Stadium.

    The winners from the final round go into the first qualifying round on 9/10 & 16/17 This summer, using their opponents made the decision within the use 18June.


    The 3 losing team stransfer towards the UEFA Europa League second qualifying round.

UEFA Champions League Draw procedure

The champions from the four cheapest-rated nations within the 2018 UEFA association club coefficient rankings (Gibraltar, Andorra, San Marino and Kosovo) go into the preliminary round as reported by the access list. The 2clubsusing the greatest club coefficient are seeded for that semi-final draw.

  • Seeded: Lincoln subsequently RedImps (GIB), FC Santa Coloma (AND)
  • Unseeded: Tre Penne (SMR), Feronikeli (KOS)

Yet another draw determines which semi-final champion is going to be considered the nominal home team for that final.

Clubs’ coefficients are determined EITHER by the sum of the every point won in the last5 years OR through the association coefficient within the same period, WHICHEVER May Be The Greater.

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